Manufacturing information and quality control

Our activities are based on

If you have any question, please ask us, we are at your disposal and we sell solutions!

The main polymers used for making our compounds are as follows and we can provide blends of these to meet your specific needs:

We are very flexible in respect of our formulations and possibilities, as our aim is to satisfy our customers’ needs quickly and fully.

Our manufacturing plant has an injection moulding machine and our laboratory is well equipped with measuring instruments, equipment and devices for colour measurement and adjustment (based on the CIE-Lab) in order to provide a guaranteed product quality.

We deliver our materials in the following forms of packaging:

25 kg PE valve sacks
1000 kg big bag
1000 kg octabin


Our materials are successfully used by injection moulding plants both in Hungary and abroad within the automotive industry, furniture industry, electronic applications, for the manufacturing of household devices and in many other fields.

We are happy to receive your enquiries about the possibilities of finding solutions to your problems, as we sell solutions!

Headquarters: 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Tűzliliom st. 39. Premises: 9028 Győr, Régi Veszprémi st. 14-16. Contacts: +36 96 517 285 E-mail:
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