Our Quality Policy

All employees of Kays Kft. know that we can only guarantee the satisfaction of our customers with constant good quality, and this is what our employees keep in mind everywhere.

We handle customer needs flexibly, pay attention to details, and if necessary, we set up the production process with the involvement of a technical specialist at our partners. We set quality policy goals, which we continuously monitor, improve and optimize..

In our well-equipped laboratory, we check the incoming materials and the uniform, standard quality of our manufactured materials.

We always attach the Certificate of Workmanship to our output materials, guaranteeing the same quality between production batches.

Our motto: We offer a solution for every case, we sell solutions

Our aim is

  • to be more in the eyes of our partners than our competitors by making our products and business to be mainly known for their high quality, reliability and competitive price
  • to achieve reputation, esteem and well-deserved results with our products, while at the same time becoming a dominant company in the domestic market and an accepted plastic industry compounding company in the European market
  • to fully meet the needs of our customers
  • to comply with the HS EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which promotes the continuous development of our company's processes, products and quality management system
  • to have all of our employees contribute to achieving our goals

Testing methods

Reologiai mérés

Rheological properties

MVR (Melt Volume Rate) according to ISO 1133

Colour measurement and colour adjustment

Spectrophotometer according to CIE Lab

Mechanikai mérés

Mechanical properties

Charpy notched and unnotched solidity
test according to ISO 179 and ISO 180
További mérések

Additional measurements

Moisture content measurement
According to ISO 15512

Shore hardness (D) measurement
According to ISO 868

Measurement of impurity content
According to ISO 3451-1

Iso certificates

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Our headquarters: 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Tűzliliom u. 39.
Site: 9028 Győr, Régi Veszprémi út 14-16.
Contact: +36 96 517 285 / info@kays.hu