Manufacturing and trading

  • Do you work on a project that requires bespoke manufacturing?
  • Do you start a new project where you need standard quality and you would like to obtain it quickly and economically?
  • Do you have problems with the difference of colours?
  • Do you have a manufacturing problem that cries for the substitution of a material and you would like to get some help in choosing the right technical or economical alternative for your current application?

We offer solutions to all problems, we sell solutions!

Manufacturing activity:
Compounding technical plastics from original base materials and by recycling regranulated materials
Complete recycling activity for our partners (taking over, grinding, improving, recompounding and colouring NOK (Not Okay) pieces so that they can be used as full-valued materials in the manufacturing process)
regranulating, granulating on commission
Our range of products includes the following:
compounded base materials in standard quality and to specific requirements
frozen stocks of original materials stemming from primary processing
grind materials
Our other trading activities:
purchase and sale of obsolete, off grade and prime materials.

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